'Bellamy Gallery is a treasure piece that is designed to last, to lead the way in conscious dressing and to pass along to the next generation'

At Bellamy Gallery you will find refined, well-thought-out quality clothing with which you build a lasting bond. Bellamy translates from French to 'beautiful friend', a cherished love in everyone's wardrobe. A friend that lasts – designed to wear every day, feel good about yourself, the planet and your fellow human beings and ultimately pass it on to the next generation.

To wear time and time again

Bellamy Gallery stands up to throwaway culture. The ethos: buy less, but quality essentials and wear them with love right down to the last thread.

That's why Bellamy Gallery is more than a brand. The gallery represents a repository of advice: to reduce your footprint, enjoy your clothes longer and appreciate them – cashmere weighted just like gold, a cardigan knitted by 51-year-old Beatriz in Italy. In this gallery the best, produced items for every day.

Yet well made garments

Not only good but great working conditions. So it goes without saying that we are also friends with our producers (and their families). No more inhuman sweatshops and polluting container ships or airplanes! They don't fit our values. Bellamy Gallery produces its articles in Europe. Because we believe that the best and most beautiful things are made in Europe. We stand behind Europe and the solidarity that goes with it. Of course, producing close to home means less transport and much less pollution.

Bellamy Gallery is about living, not surviving. We build friendships by being there for each other. We are there for our producers and importers and we also want to facilitate their future. We go for the best deal for everyone and only for ourselves. That doesn't make it any easier for us, but it's worth it. We all only have one life, so we choose to use it wisely.


The very best of everything, that's Bellamy Gallery: the most beautiful merino wool sweater you can live in, the best fitted jacket, the ideal blouse in which you always feel beautiful and comfortable. Instead of constantly coming up with new collections, Bellamy Gallery is trendless and seasonless and intended for all ages. Class in simplicity. Understated elegance. These Bellamy classics remain in the collection and are further developed to perfection. Using feedback from Bellamy friends and the attention to detail from the inspired design team. Bellamy Gallery offers unparalleled quality that is kept as affordable as possible. These are basic pieces – and a philosophy – that can be shared with as many people worldwide as possible.