What is merino wool?

Merino wool comes from the merino sheep: one of the oldest and strongest sheep breeds in the world. The wool of the sheep is very soft and does not itch which is why it is so loved. Furthermore, merino wool is very sustainable and animal-friendly, because the sheep are sheared once a year to prevent overheating during the summer. However, the merino sheep's coat does not stop growing, so they also need to be sheared to prevent overheating.

What makes merino wool so unique?

Merino wool also offers a number of advantages over other natural or synthetic yarns. Below you will find an overview of why it is so popular.

1. Merino wool always provides the perfect temperature

Merino adapts to body temperature and manages to maintain it, without the body becoming too hot or too cold. This is ideal for winter where different conditions are encountered.

2. Merino wool breathes

Merino wool breathes much better than other manufactured fibres such as cotton. The wool fibres ensure better air flow and ventilation. You can compare it with a second skin that adapts.

3. Merino wool is super soft

Compared to regular wool, merino wool does not itch due to its higher density. This makes it feel extra soft and does not irritate the skin.

4. Merino wool does not itch

Merino wool is made from fine fibres of the merino sheep, which makes it feel wonderfully soft. It is therefore really an item that you want to wear more often.

5. Merino wool does not suffer from unpleasant odours

Because merino wool is made of fine fibres, bacteria have little to no chance. This has the advantage that garments remain beautiful for longer and that you are not bothered by unpleasant odours.

Where is it produced?

100% Merino is made with care and love in our workshops in Italy. It is not without reason that we prefer to have our knits made there. The Italians have an excellent sense of style and meticulous craftsmanship. They also have a keen sense of feminine fits and fine yarns. The yarn we use is of the highest quality merino and ensures that our items are and remain beautiful for a lifetime.


In our new collection we have various types of items with 100% merino wool, including the Lizzy turtleneck, Judith pullover and the Fannie pullover. All these items are made with care and love in our workshops in Italy.