Meet Bellamy Gallery: Bellamy Gallery introduces ‘consubettering’ as a stepping stone towards the ultimate dream; a circular fashion industry! Maybe you’re already familiar with the clothing of Bellamy Gallery, because with their successful web shop, 6 flagship stores and 40 retail points in the Netherlands they have already stolen many hearts in the past three years! The Dutch brand designs & produces everything in Europe and takes planet & friendship as a starting point. Bellamy embraces ‘community thinking’ and stimulates a way of living where being conscious about the environment and the ecological footprint you leave behind are key. Less consuming, and more consubettering! Planet & friendship, that’s what it’s all about according to Bellamy Gallery. Designed in the Netherlands and produced in Europe to make a positive impact and reduce the ecological footprint. The Bellamy collection consists of good quality, affordable basic items of clothing where extra attention has been paid to combinability, duration of life and price/quality ratio. Don’t buy more, buy better is therefore the appropriate Bellamy motto! However, the word retailing is not found in Bellamy’s dictionary. WE-tailing is what they do! Everyone and everything in the production chain is a true friend, they deserve the best, you take that extra step for them, and in the end you will be repaid for that. That’s why Bellamy’s customers and European partners are seen as real friends. And it’s this way of ‘community thinking’ that will enable Bellamy to positively influence the clothing industry. Every season a new collection gets launched with improved favorites and new heroes for your wardrobe. With their expertise in, among other things, linen, travel fabric and cashmere, it’s almost impossible not to find a new must-have. Done with a piece of clothing anyways? No problem! Bellamy recycles clothing, and to encourage this you get a 10% discount on your next Bellamy item when returning an old one. With this circular clothing concept Bellamy strives to be able to achieve a top 5 position in the European market to make a real difference. Here’s a first exclusive peek at the photos of Bellamy Gallery’s new winter collection. Want to see more? We are more than happy to visit you for a nice cup of coffee to tell you more about Bellamy and show you more of our products! Please contact us for questions: