Pien Ballerina long sleeve top | ash blue

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Ballerina Pien is a elegant ribbed long sleeve top. She has a beautiful boat neck that will highlight your décolletage, and slim sleeves giving the feeling of a ballerinas leotard. Pien is made with a light fabric with stretch, so you can easily wear her for all seasons.


  • 91% Lyocel, 9% Elastane

Pien is made from our workshops in Poland. Poland is known for their high quality materials and more difficult styles. We prefer to have our more detailed garments produced here.

What is Lyocel?
Lyocel is made from eucalyptus trees, it uses half the water then cotton needs to be produced and does not require toxic chemicals. Benefits of wearing Lyocell is that its super breathable, hardly wrinkles and absorbs moisture very well. The process is closed-loop: 99% of chemicals and solvents used in the process to break down the wood pulp are recovered and recycled with minimal waste and very low emissions


Wear Pien all year round. You can wear her as she is with some nice skinny jeans and ballet flats, or with a pair of shorts in the summer. She's also very stylish worn underneath a T-shirt or sweater.

High Quality Materials Made in Europe Easy Care, Less Water Only Road Transport

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