Hilde Cashmere crew neck sweater | fire red

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This 100% cashmere sweater wears like a warm embrace. Light, soft and wonderful to tuck into when it gets a bit chilly outside. Or in the evening on the beach when its colder then expected by the fire or under the starry night.


  • 100% cashmere

Hilde is made with craftsmanship and love in our workshops in Italy. We prefer to have our knits made there, the Italians have excellent sense of style, they also have a preference for feminine fits and fine yarns. The yarn we use is of the highest quality and ensures that our items are and remain beautiful.


Hilde can be worn all year round, with denim or skirts, with dress pants for work, or layered under one of our blouses.

Made in Europe Easy Care, Less Water Only Road Transport 100% Cashmere

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